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Staycations Alaska

For some people a "staycation" simply means staying at home. We don't define it this narrowly... at the Sea Parrot Inn it means staying in Alaska nearby your own residence. And that means getting out and enjoying the feeling of a vacation, but without the expense and hassle of flying or cruising a long way.

Located in Southcentral Alaska our Inn is an oasis away from the rush and stress of everyday life.

Seldovia, is both a quiet seaside fishing village, and a city at the edge of a wilderness. At the Sea Parrot Inn we define it as a beautiful and tranquil “staycation”, it is the perfect place to rejuvenate. As with other remote areas for staycations in Alaska, there is more to the getting there, like jumping in your car or taking a major airline to a city airport.

Getting here is part of the adventure.

If bringing your car to Seldovia you'll need to use the AMHS (Alaska Marine Highway System) with sailings from Homer. A walker? Jump aboard the Seldovia Bay Ferry our “fast ferry” or a take a more leisurely Wildlife Tour aboard the Rainbow Connection. Don't have sea legs? Then fly on the hour with Smokey Bay Air for a ten minute flight. We suggest that you do both, mixing either coming or going.

Seldovia really is one of the most walkable towns in southcentral, from the airport to the city harbor, from the Otterbond Trail to Outside Beach. Our pickup service or the local taxis is available.

You can tell by our transportation recommendations that Seldovia is not just an average city near Homer in southcentral Alaska. Instead, it is truly a remote area where you can properly disconnect from the stresses of modern life.

To book a staycation at the Sea Parrot Inn, just click the "book now" link on our web site. 

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